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Car Air Conditioning Service Available in Toowoomba

Having trouble starting your car? Get your battery, alternator and spark plugs checked by the mechanical team at Treg Smith's Autos in Toowoomba today! Treg Smith's Autos can handle all your mechanical repair needs, so give us a call today!

Common Auto Electrical Symptoms and Causes

  • Engine not starting due to faulty starter motor

  • Dead battery due to corrosion or poor connection

  • Dead battery due to faulty alternator 

  • Engine does not start due to a engine crank shaft position sensor

  • Vehicle does not start or stalls due to electronic fuel pump failure

  • Power windows do not close due to faulty switch 

  • Air conditioner will not cool because of faulty compressor relay 

Car air conditioning service performed in Toowoomba
vehicle auto electrical services in toowoomba and darling downs

Auto Electrical Services

  • Battery testing, cleaning and replacement

  • Globe replacement and upgrading

  • Alternator testing and replacement

  • EFI engine diagnosis 

  • Spark plug replacements

  • ABS brake system diagnosis and repairs 

  • Air conditioner system diagnosis and repairs 

  • Power windows and repairs

  • Accessory installation

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