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Treg Smith's Autos are fully qualified to perform log book servicing on most makes and models. Our regular Auto-tech training means that we are up to date with even the most modern of vehicle servicing methods. We offer competitive prices and follow all the correct procedures to ensure your warranty remains intact. Treg Smith's Autos can handle all your mechanical  repair needs, so contact us today!

New Car Logbook Services in Toowoomba

A mechanic performing logbook services in Toowoomba
Treg Smith's Autos is one of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs most truested car repair specialists

New Car Log Book Servicing 

What is Log Book Servicing?

New cars come with a 'log book', a log book is used to track your adherence to the maintenance schedule that the manufacturer of the car has set out. By getting your car serviced by a qualified institution such as Treg Smith's Autos you ensure that your car is being properly serviced and in doing so will receive a stamp in the log book that ensures your cars warranty has not been voided.

If your car does not have a log book Treg Smith's Autos has the expertise and knowledge to recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule for your car based on various factors.   

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