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Quality Car Air Conditioning Services in Toowoomba

Buying a car from a private seller? Ensure you know what your buying have a pre-purchase inspecton performed at Treg Smith's Autos and avoid any nasty surprises. 

Road Worthy Certificates

Selling your vehicle? Transferring your vehicle registration details?  


did you know that it is a government requirement to have your vehicle inspected by a certified examiner for a Roadworthy Safety Inspection? 

Treg Smiths Autos have multiple certified examiners that can inspect your vehicle and provide you with a roadworthy certificate

An employee performing car air conditioning services in Toowoomba

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection


Are you purchasing a new or used vehicle? This can be a very stressful and overwhelming time. To make sure you aren't buying a "Lemon" bring your potential vehicle to Treg Smiths Autos for a prepurchase safety inspection 


The Inspection includes checking the vehicles Brakes, Tyres, Steering, Suspension, Fluid Condition and more to ensure all components of the vehicle are safe. 

During the inspection, the examiner will also review upcoming manufacturer requirements such as Timing Belts etc to ensure you won't be caught off guard at your first service in your new car  

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