Power Steering Services

Is the steering of your car feeling heavier than usual? Come to Treg Smith's Autos in Toowoomba and we will handle all your power steering needs and make your car a whole lot easier to drive. Treg Smith's Autos can handle all your mechanical repair needs, give us a call today!

Common Symptoms and Causes of Power Steering Issues

  • Power Steering Failure: the vehicle can be controlled but it takes but it takes much more effort to drive.

  • Broken Seal Gland: the hydraulic fluid leaks from the cylinder causing power steering to fail.

  • Hard to Steer: the most common cause of difficult steering is the lack of power steering fluid, loose engine belts can also attribute to this. 

  • Overheating: Issues with build up of mineral deposits in the radiator, rust or damaged pumps can cause the radiator to fail. 

Power Steering Services 

  • Power steering flushing and repairs

  • Power steering rack repairs and replacement

  • Power steering pump reseals and replacement

  • High pressure and low pressure power steering hoses replacement 

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