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Safety Certificates and More in Toowoomba

A car in need of safety certificates in Toowoomba

Treg Smith's Autos are fully qualified to perform a wide range of Air Conditioning System servicing and repairs. From a Regas to Compressor renewal. Don't get caught in the heat this summer call TSA today


When should your A/C be Serviced? 

Most Manufacturers require the Air Conditioning System to be Serviced and Regased every 2 years if the vehicle is under 10 years old and yearly once older than 10. 

The refrigerant in your car A/C works much like the oil in your engine, cooling and lubricating the compressor. In fact, the refrigerant carries the oil needed to lubricate the compressor.

As the system gets low on refrigerant, the amount of oil carried to the compressor reduces, and the amount of heat the oil and refrigerant can carry away from the compressor goes down.

Operating the A/C with low refrigerant is much like running your engine low on oil. It will cause damage.

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