Brake Servicing and Repairs

Treg Smith's Autos  in Toowoomba can fix all your brake repair needs, so contact us today and book an appointment. Treg Smith's Autos can handle all your mechanical repair needs.

Common Brake Failure Symptoms

  • Brakes squealing or grinding when braking: The brake pads may be worn down and should be replaced. 

  • Steering wheel shakes when braking: The brake rotors may be warped through general wear and tear and should be replaced.

  • Braking takes extra effort: This is a signal that there may be a fault in the vaccum hose which is supposed to supply pressure from the hydraulic cylinder. 

  • Parking brake does not fully release: The brake cable may be stuck, frayed or torn and needs to be replaced.

  • Brake pedal feels low: The master cylinder, which applies pressure to the brakes may be be defective. 

  • Car pulls to one side when braking: There may be leak or an obstruction in the brake line.

Brake Servicing which Treg Smith's Autos Provides

  • Brake testing and inspections

  • Brake disc pad and rotor inspection

  • Brake disc rotor replacement and machining 

  • Brake booster inspection

  • Brake pedal inspection

  • Master Cylinder Testing

  • Replacement and flushing of hydraulic brake fluid

  • Brake drum and lining replacement

  • Brake calliper repair and replacement

  • Brake cable replacement

  • Adjuster Mechanism replacement 

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