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Clutch and Transmission Servicing

Having trouble with your clutch or transmission, then its time to go and see the mechanical professionals at Treg Smith's Autos in Toowoomba.  We can handle all your mechanical repair needs. 

Clutch Servicing Provided 

vehicle clutch servicing in Toowoomba and the darling downs
  • Clutch plate replacement

  • Clutch cable replacement

  • Clutch release bearing replacement

  • Flywheel repair

  • Hydraulic line replacement

  • Master Cylinder repair and replacement

  • Slave Cylinder repair and replacement

  • Release Fork replacement

  • Clutch pedal and pedal rubber replacement

Transmission Services

Signs Automatic Transmission Needs Maintenance 

  • Leaking fluid.

  • 'Check Engine' light comes on.

  • Jarring transition into next gear.

  • Car 'hesitates' or 'refuses' to go into gear.

  • A whining, humming or even a slight buzzing sound.

vehicle transmission services in toowoomba and the darling downs

Transmission Servicing

vehicle transmission servicing in toowoomba and the darling downs
  • Automatic transimission service

  • Manual transmission service

  • Planetary gearset replacement

  • Flywheel repair

  • Piston repair and cleaning

  • Hydraulic cylinder repair and replacement 

  • Clutch repair and replacement

  • Rubber seal replacement

  • Parking brake repair

  • Gear pump replacement

  • Governor replacement

  • Throttle valve replacement

  • Vacuum modulator repair

  • Manual valve replacement

  • Idle gear replacement 

  • Synchroniser repair 

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